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Wall Repair Kit

Wall repair kit

RK Plasterplug is a patented wall repair solution designed specifically for drywall, where the empty space behind the wall is normally a problem. Plasterplug restores the wall integrity as opposed to a cosmetic patch. The end result is a flat ... Read More »

Colorful Teapots


The Price & Kensington Brights Teapot lineup consists of a range of 2-, 6- and 10-cup teapots in a variety of colors. The teapots are made from fine stoneware and can be used with or without the Price & Kensington ... Read More »

Cordless Tiller/Cultivator


The Mantis 58-volt cordless tiller/cultivator features two-speed, smart-digging technology that allows it to start instantly, run quietly and provide sufficient power to dig up existing garden beds or break ground for planting new ones. The tiller runs up to 30 ... Read More »

Decorative Stones

home decor

Stepping Stones from Spoontiques are highly detailed stones, approximately 10 inches in diameter, that can be used outside as part of garden decorations or hung inside using provided hardware. There are over 200 designs available along with both floor and ... Read More »

Bird Food

bird feed

Songbird Food from Wild Delight is a blend of seeds, nuts and dried fruits designed to attract species like grosbeaks, finches, cardinals, doves, nuthatches, thrushes, songbirds and other outdoor animals. The feed can be used in tube feeders with large ... Read More »

Multifunction Flashlight


The MecArmy SGN Self Defense SGN7 model is a rechargeable flashlight with a personal attack alarm and can be used as a portable power bank to charge other electronic items. The alarm siren can reach 120 decibels and has a ... Read More »

3 Simple Building Projects to Increase a Home’s Square Footage

Making the space of a house more welcoming, useful or just plain larger doesn’t have to mean adding a whole wing onto the frame. Some home building projects are just about repurposing a space or adding utility through other means. ... Read More »

Multi-Use Bags

garbage bag

True Liberty® Bags are all-purpose home and garden bags that are FDA-approved, BPA-free and made of 100 percent food-grade nylon. The bags can store food to extend its shelf life or to cook food, such as turkeys, in many ways. ... Read More »