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Wood-Fired Grills

wood fire grill

The Traeger Timberline series achieves competition-worthy smoke rings with features like Super Smoke mode and the TRU Convection® system. Users can grill on the go with the Timberline’s WiFIRE® controller. Users can change temperatures, set timers and access a recipe ... Read More »

Adjustable Universal Hook

universal hook

Attach one end of the line to whatever the anchor point might be and the other end through the line passage in the Danik Hook. The line slides freely through the passage when the Danik Hook lever is pushed down, ... Read More »

Magnetic Work Gloves

magnetic work gloves

Pro Impact Magnetic Utility Gloves are ideal for a variety of uses, including automotive, industrial, DIY and more. Magnets in the back of the glove allow users to store metal parts and fasteners easily. Touch-screen technology allows for use of ... Read More »

Stud Finder

stud finder

The ProSensor T6 is a compact stud finder with Franklin Sensors’ patented Multi-Sense Technology. Conventional stud finders have only one or two sensors, but the ProSensor T6 more than triples the sensing area, with six sensors that scan the wall ... Read More »

Outdoor Smokers


Innovation meets the outdoors with Pit Boss’s all new Vertical Smokers, featuring a Pellet Series, Analog Series, Electric Series and Gas Series. The double-walled construction lets users smoke from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to temperatures reaching 450 degrees. The large front ... Read More »

Adjustable Wrench


The Bionic Wrench is an adjustable wrench that adjusts like pliers and performs like a wrench.  With the simple squeeze of the hand, six jaws come down on a bolt like a camera shutter, automatically finding the right size. The ... Read More »

Adjustable Straps

adjustable straps

The Kuvu can be used to wrap, hold, tie, hang and secure any or all tools, sports equipment, hoses and cords. It is made from a high-strength compound, infused with rubber from recycled truck tires. The product can be used ... Read More »

Wood Wall Paneling

wood wall

The new mywoodwall™ is a fast and easy-to-install wood wall paneling system made from 100 percent sustainable sources. Just ‘Peel and Press’ to create a feature wall from any bare surface or add stylish highlights to any room by using ... Read More »