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Fun With Funding a Cause

When Invermere Home Hardware decides to have some friends over for a party, the British Columbia-based business doesn’t joke around. It brings in every last bit of fun to be had and makes sure a worthy cause benefits when it’s ... Read More »

Model Car Product Line


PineCar® Racers are small models built to specific dimensions and raced by gravity down an inclined track. PineCar is a leading supplier of these small racers and all their accessories. The selection of car bodies, weights, speed accessories, tools and ... Read More »

Mortar and Stucco Repair Sealant


Mor-Flexx® is a mortar and stucco repair sealant from Sashco. Textured to blend in with stucco, stone, and mortar in-between bricks, it won’t crack or dry hard, and it can expand and contract. The sealant is paintable, made in the ... Read More »

Covered Mouse Trap

mouse trap

The d-CON® No View, No Touch™ Trap hides dead rodents from sight and protects the user when throwing them away. The trap kills mice instantly and seals in a snap. To use the product, peel back the small self-adhesive label to ... Read More »

Smart Video Doorbell


The Smart Video Doorbell from smanos is an all-new addition to the smanos smart home portfolio. When someone presses on the bell button or the built-in motion sensor detects movement, homeowners get an instant notification on their smartphones, enabling them ... Read More »

Fast-Setting Concrete Mix

concrete mix

The new QUIKRETE® Fast-Setting Concrete Mix Bonus Bags now contain 60 pounds of QUIKRETE® Fast-Setting Concrete Mix. The mix hardens in 20 to 40 minutes and gains enough strength to build on in two hours. It’s recommended for pouring sidewalks, ... Read More »

Paint Mixer/Shaker and Mixing Equipment

paint mixer

RADIA, the new name of Red Devil Equipment Co., supplies retailers with mixing equipment. RADIA supplies 1-gallon, 5-gallon and multi-size mixers and shakers. The company works with retailers to create a layout optimized for safety and efficiency, and has developed ... Read More »

Replacement Grip

replacement grip

Re-Grip is a simple way for homeowners to replace the grip on practically any handle, lever or tool. To use the Re-Grip, users slide it onto a handle and hold it securely in place where they would like their new ... Read More »