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Designer Cabinet Hardware

cabinet hardware

The DIVINA collection of cabinet hardware offers three shapes. The Studio knob, smooth-sided knob and ridge-sided knob are available in a combination of 48 pieces in nine hand-polished finishes. These finishes include aged brass, brushed stain, nickel, brushed copper, oil-rubbed ... Read More »

Reciprocating Saw

The SKILSAW 13-Amp Reciprocating Saw features Buzzkill™ technology, a patented full-frame counterbalance that suppresses vibration up to 35 percent. Other features include a single-wobble drive train, linear system, clock spring brush system and a variable speed trigger. SKILSAW 877-754-5999 or ... Read More »

Pet-Washing Wand

pet wand

The Pet Wand features a contoured shape that creates a high-pressure WaterComb™ Spray to penetrate thick fur and avoid overspray. The EasySelect™ dial allows the user to fine-tune the control. It features an indoor adapter for a utility sink, as ... Read More »

Compact Stepladder

The Aluminum Compact Stepladder has double platforms and weighs less than 16 pounds. It stands at 5 ½ feet tall, with a user’s reach extending to 9 to 10 feet from the ground. It has a Type I Duty Rating ... Read More »

Deicing Agent

deicing agent

Winter Warrior Enviro LEADer™ Icemelter is designed to be used around green buildings and properties, where there are environmental or corrosion concerns. The product is effective down to minus 6 degrees Fahrenheit. It is readily biodegradable at lower temperatures and ... Read More »

Guessing Game Engages Customers in Massachusetts

Staff members at O’Connor True Value Hardware in Billerica, Massachusetts, were looking for a new way to engage with customers through Facebook when another local business, a butcher, got a big boost to its social media engagement with a contest. ... Read More »

Mold Detector

mold detector

My Mold Detective is a DIY mold test kit that uses the same air-sampling method industry professionals use to test air quality in homes and businesses. The kit contains one air-sampling pump, two air sample cassettes (one for outdoor control, ... Read More »

Safety Lighting System

safety lights

The Pelican 9455 remote area lighting system is a Class I, Division 1 light, giving it approval for work in areas with explosive gases and vapors. It produces 1,600 lumens with a 125-degree beam spread. The nickel metal hydride battery ... Read More »