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How to Be Successful in Special Event Rental

Click the picture to download a PDF of this story. By Jesse Carleton, jcarleton@nrha.org Rental at Kempker’s True Value started out the way it might at countless other independent home improvement businesses. Owner Chuck Kempker rented tools and equipment mostly to contractors. ... Read More »

What to Know About Popular Party Rental Products

More than likely, as you’re getting started or expanding your special event category, some items will become clear customer favorites. Hardware Retailing spoke with Chuck Kempker, who has four hardware store and rental locations in southeastern Iowa, and Chuck Shipp, ... Read More »

Loss Prevention Tips for the Holidays

The Christmas shopping season should put retailers in a good mood, but it’s also a prime time for shoplifters to ply their trade. As stores get busy, it’s easier for a shoplifter to get lost in the crowd. Make sure ... Read More »

Employees Make the Grade at City Mill

Staying sharp with customer service means listening to what customers have to say about their experiences. At City Mill, customers can post comments on social media sites like Facebook and Yelp, but many of them choose to use the store’s ... Read More »

In It to Fix It

In a time when many people seem to see every broken item as something to be thrown away, few may consider repair as an alternative. Mike Filbin, owner of Filbin’s Ace Hardware, wants to change that. As a solution, he ... Read More »

Oklahoma Waterfall Brings Torrents of Visitors

Oklahoma Waterfall

Eighteen years ago when Doug Witworth decided to create a waterfall outside his store in Vinita, Oklahoma, to promote his water gardening category, he didn’t think he was creating a roadside attraction. “We just thought it would be fun to ... Read More »

Maximizing Storage in Every Space

Storage Space

For many retailers, the few inches of space between the floor and the bottom of a gondola run of shelving mostly collects dust bunnies. But at 10th Street Hardware, a store in Philadelphia with an 1,100-square-foot salesfloor, it offers valuable ... Read More »

Five Ways to Cross Merchandise

Cross merchandising is one of the best ways to increase sales because it gives customers a reminder of an item they might have otherwise forgotten. Encouraging this add-on sale not only increases your average transaction size, but it is also ... Read More »