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Ice Melting Salt

ice melt

MELTZ ALL is a multi-mineral ice melter made from blended calcium chloride. It is effective down to minus 28 degrees Celsius (minus 18.4 Fahrenheit). The crystal’s natural pinkish color makes it visible during the application process. MELTZ ALL is available ... Read More »

Electrical Cord Protector

cord protector

The Cord Dome completely encloses power cord connections and can house entire power cord strips and Y-connectors. It can be used for holiday light displays and any outdoor projects requiring multiple extension cord connections. The dome is made from UV-resistant ... Read More »

Planting Pot


The Smart Pot is a soft-sided fabric aeration container designed to promote plant growth. The porous, long-lasting fabric provides drainage, releases excess heat and air-prunes roots. Smart Pots are BPA- and lead-free and reusable. The Variety Pack includes 5-, 10- ... Read More »

Multi-Use Cooler


The Orion 85 is an 85-quart capacity multi-use cooler. As the largest cooler from Orion Coolers, it is designed to store quartered game, large fish, a week’s worth of food and more. The cooler can hold 100 pounds of ice, ... Read More »

Smartphone Cleaning Kit

cleaning kit

The GermBloc® Smartphone Cleaning Kit contains a 10 milliliter pen spray bottle of electronic cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean, disinfect and protect electronic screens. The cleaning solution is alcohol-free and nonflammable. One bottle has over 100 applications. GermBloc ... Read More »

Grill-Top Pizza Oven

pizza oven

The Pizza Oven Box allows three-burner and larger gas grills to cook pizza, breads, cookies and roasted items by increasing the temperature range available on a grill. The box reaches temperatures found in a woodburning pizza oven using combined convective, ... Read More »

Organic Potting Soil

potting soil

Magic Dirt™ is a 100 percent sustainable potting soil that helps conserve water and promote plant health. It is made from sustainable dairy fiber, which is treated for 20 days in an airtight, oxygen-free vessel that produces an odor-free fiber ... Read More »

Gardening Gloves

garden gloves

The Garden Bamboo gloves from Hestra Job are knitted eco-friendly gloves made from bamboo spandex for improved dexterity, grip and comfort. The gloves feature a Velcro closure. The gloves are designed to assist in potting, planting, tool use and everyday ... Read More »