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Eco-Friendly Cleaner

Eco-Friendly Cleaner

CleanSmart Daily Surface Cleaner is a product designed for messes in the kitchen and bathroom. The spray is dedicated to killing germs while reducing the harmful chemicals in households. With smart science and simple ingredients, CleanSmart kills organisms like E. coli, salmonella, RSV, influenza and strep without the use of bleach or alcohol. The cleaner is 100-percent kid-friendly. The CleanSmart Disinfectant Spray provides quick disinfecting on the go.

With CleanSmart, you can spray it without wiping it to get the job done. CleanSmart cleaners kill bacteria but are safe for kids and pets.
Sara Carpenter, Steve’s Ace Home & Garden

Simple Science, LLC.
612-367-4540 or www.cleansmarthome.com

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