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Facebook Live Videos Leave Consumers Hungry for More

Facebook Live Videos Leave Consumers Hungry for More

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When Gerrod Brasseux decided to own and operate a hardware store, he knew he wanted to offer a well-developed grilling category. As a former educator, Brasseux naturally took to teaching customers best practices and recipes to try on the grill when they visited Brasseux True Value Hardware.

However, he was searching for ways to expand his reach beyond his loyal customers and foot traffic.

“I have friends who participate in CrossFit in town, and they would film Facebook Live videos from the gym of their workouts,” he says. “My friends encouraged me to try Facebook Live videos at my store, either a quick video of new products or showing our followers how to cook something with products from the store.”

Brasseux paid for Facebook advertising to help grow his audience online and share the videos with more people.

The following eight tips give an overview of how to use Facebook Live videos to your advantage.

  1. Facebook suggests broadcasting for at least 10 minutes if you want a greater chance of others discovering your video and sharing it with friends.
  2. Before going live, however, a strong signal is necessary. According to Facebook, Wi-Fi tends to be the best option. If that isn’t available, a 4G data connection is needed. Signals weaker than 4G won’t be able to film live.
  3. To keep an audience for future videos, ask Facebook fans to follow the page, so they receive a notification when a video goes live.
  4. To start filming, go to the top of the News Feed on the Facebook app and select “What’s on your mind.” Then select “Live Video” from the dropdown menu. Add a description and choose your audience before hitting “Go Live.” There will be a three-second countdown before the broadcast begins.
  5. Interact with your audience live. If someone asks a question, you can respond in real time.
  6. To get more people excited about your video and tuned in live, consider sharing in advance on your Facebook page information about the topic, as well as the day and time you’ll be live. According to Facebook, one day’s notice is usually a good standard to follow.
  7. Brasseux recommends having someone who is naturally comfortable speaking in front of the camera to do the video. A second person can act as the videographer. Or, you can simply greet your viewers and then film what you’re doing.
  8. Have a closing line when you’re ready to sign off. Then tap the “Finish” button to end the broadcast. The video can be posted to Facebook or downloaded to a phone.

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