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Hot Products Hub is an e-newsletter that comes out twice a month and provides readers with insights into the hottest products and current trends in the industry.

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Sheathed Cable

During building or remodeling, home systems products should install with ease, giving little hinderance to project completion. Southwire has put the time and research into creating their Romex® SIMpull® cable that is up to 50 percent easier to pull through. ... Read More »

Paper-Scoring Tool

Make quick work of removing old wallpaper without damaging walls. This tool scores and then tears away even small bits of paper from the wall, all without damaging the wall. It works on any type of wallpaper, including wallpaper that’s ... Read More »

Two-Tier Turntable

Storage and organization in the kitchen and dining room doesn’t mean that things are hidden away behind doors or within drawers. This turntable by Lipper International is a tabletop lazy Susan on steroids, with two levels to keep needed condiments, ... Read More »

Wallpaper Regains Popularity

A desire for bold geometric and floral patterns that can best be created with wallpaper are reviving an interest in the wallcovering. Art deco designs, large florals and geometric patterns are gaining popularity for use on accent walls, entryways and ... Read More »

Furniture and Cabinet Paint

Stenciled designs can add depth and interest to furniture or cabinetry, and the Americana Decor Texture paint line by DecoArt was designed to work with stencils to add dimension and transform pieces into customized, personal works of art. Paints are ... Read More »

It’s Time to Show Off Your Favorite Items

Open storage has been a growing design trend for several years, from shelving that has slowly replaced cabinets in kitchens to the almost museum-like closet displays that highlight shoe collections and more. In 2019, the concept is taken a step ... Read More »

Shelves With Brackets

Whether showing off beloved tchotchkes or keeping products in view and close at hand, these wooden shelves with decorative brackets are a simple, straightforward way to display items rather than hide them away. These Rubbermaid shelves and brackets are made ... Read More »

Clear Storage Totes

Quick access to stored items is a plus, and what better way to speed up finding items than being able to see them through the tote itself? Sterilite offers multiple clear storage totes, ranging from 6 to 116 quarts, with ... Read More »