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Environmental Concerns Prompted Lumber Liquidators Raid

Last month’s raid on Lumber Liquidators by federal authorities was prompted by an environmental activist group’s research, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Washington-based Environmental Investigation Agency spent three years collecting what it says is evidence the Lumber Liquidators knowingly bought millions ... Read More »

Survey Reports Consumers’ Home Security Habits

A recent nationwide survey reports Americans’ concerns about home security and whom they trust to keep their possessions safe. The study, conducted by third-party research firm Kelton Global and sponsored by Schlage to bring attention to October as National Crime ... Read More »

To Invest or Not to Invest? Questions Every Retailer Should Be Asking

Assuming you run a profitable operation, making a capital investment in your business should be one of the best financial moves you can make. Sometimes you spend out of necessity; for example, the roof needs a major repair or the furnace ... Read More »

Ben Moore Appoints New CEO

In a letter to its dealers today, Benjamin Moore & Co. announced Michael Searles as the company’s new chief executive officer. Searles has more than forty years of retail experience and held leadership positions at Kids “R” Us, Wilsons Leather, ... Read More »

Increase Transaction Size with Home Security Products

When a customer comes in asking for a dead bolt, a well-trained employee will almost immediately start discussing the features and benefits of the locksets stocked in the store. But what if we told you that the ability to close ... Read More »

Lute Supply’s Bold Venture into the Dual-Format

Lute Supply has spent half a century earning a reputation for success serving professional builders, contractors and tradespeople. Its list of accolades features top awards by Goodman and Amana for outstanding sales growth, market share growth and excellence in distribution. ... Read More »

Marginal Sales Gains Forecast for This Holiday Season

The National Retail Federation (NRF) expects sales in November and December to marginally increase 3.9 percent to $602.1 billion, over 2012’s actual 3.5 percent holiday season sales growth. The forecast is higher than the 10-year average holiday sales growth of ... Read More »

Home Hardware Dealer-Owners Participate in National Tree Day

Home Hardware Stores Limited and Tree Canada dug in at 36 locations across Canada to plant and look after large trees in celebration of National Tree Day. In recognition, Home Hardware dealer-owners hosted tree planting and maintenance events throughout the fall ... Read More »