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financial index

Financial Security on the Rise

Americans’ confidence in the U.S. economy is growing, according to a national Bankrate survey.  According to Bankrate, job security, debt, net worth and overall financial situation are areas in which Americans are…


Distribution America and PRO Group Host Annual Executive Planning Conference

The towering Santa Rosa Mountains set the backdrop for the Distribution America/PRO Group, Inc. 2015 Executive Planning Conference, held Nov. 18-20 at the JW Marriott Palm Desert Resort in Palm…

email marketing

Email Marketing Must be Targeted

Email marketing is used to attract shoppers and nurture ongoing relationships with loyal customers. However, many companies are not using email marketing correctly or to its full potential. A study…


Demand for Fencing on the Rise

With the uptick in housing starts and remodeling, the demand for fencing is increasing. According to a recent Freedonia Group press release, “Demand for fencing in the U.S. is forecast…

Thanksgiving Weekend Shoppers Looking for Deals

Thanksgiving Weekend Shoppers Looking for Deals

With Thanksgiving weekend only a few days away, more than 140 million Americans are not only buying groceries for a holiday dinner, but they’re also making their shopping list. According…