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Cooking With Chef Chad

Hardware Retailing editor Chad Husted has whipped up a special video profiling the latest kitchen appliances. Learn how to use these-in-demand kitchen gadgets and get delicious recipes to pass on to customers to clench sales. Discover kitchen gadgets than can ... Read More »

Product Rundown: Core Tools for the Home

Vendors are continuing to update even tried-and-true product lines. Today Hardware Retailing editor Chad Husted shows off several high-tech updates on some standard tools found around the home, including a hybrid hammer design, heavy-duty hoses and a multi-use headlamp. Click ... Read More »

2018 Market Measure Review

market measure

This year’s Market Measure feature includes several important takeaways retailers can use to benchmark their businesses and prepare for 2019. Hear from Dan Tratensek, publisher of Hardware Retailing, as he breaks down the economic trends and industry events that affected ... Read More »

Product Rundown: Household Tools

Hardware Retailing editor Renee Changnon shows off several household tools that can help retailers expand a thriving product category in their stores. Click here to watch the video on YouTube. Read More »

See Leadership in Action

At the second annual NRHA STIHL Foundations of Leadership Conference, retailers, business experts and leadership professionals united to discuss how effective leadership can bring businesses new success. Hear how leadership development has helped conference attendees and presenters reach their full ... Read More »

Product Rundown: Kitchen and Housewares

Hardware Retailing editor Renee Changnon shows off several household items and kitchen gadgets that can help retailers expand a thriving housewares category in their stores. To view the video on YouTube, click here. Read More »

Product Rundown: Camping and the Great Outdoors

Hardware Retailing editor Chad Husted takes a look at some of the latest high-tech products for customers heading into the wilderness. See if there are any products that could improve your camping and outdoor living departments. To view the video ... Read More »

Can You Name That Old Tool?

old tool

The North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) has an interesting collection of old tools displayed throughout its Indianapolis headquarters. Some of the items may look familiar, and others may be completely new to your eyes. Can you tell what the ... Read More »