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Menards Violates Labor Laws, Says NLRB

Menards Violates Labor Laws, Says NLRB

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) says that Menards Inc. is violating federal labor laws in the way that it treats its employees.

Back in December, The Progressive published an article, which included a section of the Menards’ employee agreement containing proof for manager wages to be cut by 60 percent if unionization occurred at their operation.

 The Cap Times reported that the NLRB found merit in this and four other provisions filed against Menards out of a total of eight complaints. But, the federal agency won’t take action against the home improvement company because it rescinded the policy following prior media coverage.

Following the December story by The Progressive, Seth Goldstein of the Office and Professional Employees International union Local 153 in New York, filed the several complaints.

“It’s a major victory because the board is going to issue perhaps a national finding against Menards,” Goldstein says.

He believes the rulings could result in new employee agreements with all of the company’s 45,000 employees.

Menards has not commented on the NLRB decision.

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