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October 21, 2013

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NRHA's Retail Management
Certification Program

Don’t miss your chance to include your future leaders in this 6-month college-level leadership and management program, designed to immerse your high-potential employees in key retailing concepts.

Hear how the program is shaping students such as Shane Mason, District Manager of Aubuchon Hardware, and allowing them to gain key business perspectives and skills unlike any other program.

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Latest News
Featured Products

Reinforcement Hardware

is offered in a variety of angles and configurations, specifically created to facilitate the safest and strongest attaching, connecting, aligning and splicing of materials. All of National Hardware’s Heavy Duty…


is designed for use on steel and can be applied both preventatively and once rust has formed. Zero Rust® can be used on metal fixtures, metal railings, barns and metal…

Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce™

is a nutritional birdseed supplement that contains all natural, 100-percent food-grade ingredients with a super-hot and spicy flavor. It tastes hot to mammals but not to wild birds. Mix with…

Management Tips
  • Make the Most of Staff Meetings


    Whether it’s a meeting about schedules, procedures or new products, the following tips will make sure your team is spending less time in the back room and more time out on the salesfloor:

    • Create structure. Set regular times for meetings. Know what the goals of the meetings are and decide how decisions will be made. Know how those involved in the meeting will communicate between meetings.
    • Be productive. Use an agenda to stay on track and make sure all points are covered. Try to have the group agree on the agenda ahead of time. If there’s a lot of material to cover, prioritize.
    • Use and share roles. Someone should be assigned to play each of the most common roles, such as facilitator, recorder and timekeeper. Share the roles so that everyone in the meeting participates.
    • Good communication is key. Build time in to the meeting to discuss what the group is doing well and what can use improvement.
    • Focus on both tasks and relationships. Balance is important. While it’s important to complete tasks on the agenda, meetings are a good time to develop good relationships. Make sure both are priorities during the meeting.
    • Use your role wisely. As the leader, you should encourage equal participation between all members of the meeting. Step in to help resolve any conflicts, if necessary. You should also make sure things stay on track—know the difference between “discussion time” and “decision time” and make sure there’s adequate time for both.

    Source: The University of Vermont and PACER Center

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Featured Manufacturers (As Seen in the October Issue of Hardware Retailing)

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Safety Works
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