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Ohio Retailer’s Endcaps Draw Attention

Ohio Retailer’s Endcaps Draw Attention

Customers at Boliantz Hardware instantly notice the endcaps around the store’s salesfloor.

Typically, endcap signage gives retailers limited creativity, outside of swapping pricing for featured items. At Boliantz, however, endcaps provide much more visual interest, as well as functionality.

Casey Sutter, store manager of the Shelby, Ohio, store, painted the existing fixtures with chalkboard paint. Now, each time a sign needs to be changed, he works with sales associates Sherrie Loveless and Miki Jones to create the new designs.

And they don’t just put the price on the sign: They add the product’s name or a witty saying as well.

“Customers like these signs—they are colorful and stand out,” Sutter says. “They were easy to create, since they were already made to fit on endcaps, and they are easy to erase and start over whenever we change the display.”

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Kelsey Truex
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