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Five Holiday Loss Prevention Tips

The National Retail Federation offers the following loss-prevention tips for retailers during the holiday shopping season, which includes the days after Christmas when customers are spending their holiday cash and gift cards: Have your experienced staff members team up with ... Read More »

What Is Your Business Worth?

Are you evaluating your business for succession planning purposes or want to know how much your company is worth? Small Business Bonfire highlights an infographic to help businesses estimate how much they are worth. The tool should be used as a guideline to ... Read More »

What Do Your Sales Associates Do That Websites Can’t?

Thanks to retail websites and online search engines, consumers no longer think of retail sales associates as particularly trustworthy or helpful, according to an article from the Harvard Business Review. Integer Group, a global marketing agency, found that “family, friends and ... Read More »

Mobile Classes Convenient for Employee Training

When you have a knowledgeable employee, you have a better chance of selling the products your home improvement store offers. A trend in contractor training is the use of quick mobile videos to teach courses on business practices and safety, according to ... Read More »

Show Employees Appreciation this Holiday Season

There are many ways to reward employees without handing out bonuses or promotions. Sometimes a heart-felt “thank you” can go a long way. The following Inc. article provides a list of 20 techniques to reward employees without “spending a dime.” While ... Read More »

Adapting the Brick and Mortar Store

Online shopping and purchasing have become mainstream within the United Sates. “Between 2008 and 2013, e-commerce sales grew ten times faster than in-store retail,” according to a McKinsey & Company article. Not only are consumers using their smartphones and tablets to ... Read More »

Switch Bargain Hunters to Loyal Customers

Businesses should make it a priority to build customer loyalty, not just promote special sales, this holiday shopping season, according to an article by Inc. While customers are actively seeking gifts for everyone on their Christmas lists, finding the best deals in ... Read More »

Tips to Improve Your Online Customer Service

Apple occupies the throne in the tech world, but if you have a problem with your iPhone or MacBook, you either need to go to a retail store or wade around in online forums. And good luck trying to get ... Read More »