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Picture Hanging Kits

picture kits

Hangmaster is a lineup of picture hanging products that offers a selection of branded hangers, mirror hardware, wire and more. Products are divided by color to allow consumers to quickly find the product for their needs. Categories include picture hangers, ... Read More »

Microfiber Roller Line

paint roller

Wooster’s high-capacity, shed-resistant professional microfiber roller cover line features European fabric to increase production time. The product delivers a smooth, even finish. This microfiber line is designed for use with all paints, stains and enamels, but excels in lower sheen ... Read More »

Deck and Siding Products

deck stain

ZAR Deck and Siding products offer protection, coverage and adhesion. The ZAR line offers a comprehensive exterior stain program with minimum SKUs and the finest resins. These products can be used on decks, railings, posts, sheds, siding, lattice, furniture, pressure-treated ... Read More »

Electrical Cord Protection


Twist and Seal offers a line of products designed to keep water away from electrical cord connections of various shapes and sizes. The Cord Protect is a patented product designed to protect electrical cord connections in wet conditions. The product ... Read More »

Paint Project Lifter


Warner Tool’s Paint Project Lifters allow a painter to quickly paint all sides of a project. The lifters come in a set of eight with a carrying case. Each lifter provides for two points of contact for stability and greater ... Read More »

Fabric Extension Cord

extension cord

Woods Fabric Cube Tap Cords are the ideal replacement to traditional cube tap extension cord. Each cord’s lighted ends show when power is on,  and it includes an ergonomic, flat plug to save space. The product is available in six ... Read More »

Multipurpose Rust Formula


Rust Patrol® Multi-Purpose is a rust preventative, lubricant, penetrant and moisture displacer. It is safe to use on electronics, frees stuck parts and its easy-to-use formula works on a variety of metals. Rust Patrol® Multi-Purpose is available in 2-ounce, 7-ounce ... Read More »

Brass Nozzle

The Little Big Shot® Super Nozzle is fully adjustable and fits any standard hose, making it useful for a variety of tasks. The nozzle is lightweight, compact and won’t leak up to 60 psi. The original Little Big Shot® is made of solid brass (available also in ... Read More »