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Paint Barrier Tape


GelTape™, the only Paint Barrier Tape™ with gel, fills gaps for clean edges on many surfaces such as drywall, wood, brick, stone, metal and glass. It works with many latex, oil-based, and spray paints as well as epoxy, lacquer and ... Read More »

BBQ Wood Pellets

bbq pellets

Griller’s Gold Premium BBQ Pellets are 100 percent natural wood pellets designed for use in wood pellet grills, smokers, or gas and charcoal grills with a smoker tube or box. Flavors include Competition, Smokehouse, fruitwood, cherry and hickory. This product ... Read More »

Drywall Lift


The Metaltech® BuildMan™ Drywall Lift is equipped with a chain drive lifting mechanism designed for heavier loads than cable-driven models. It can lift drywall at a ready-to-hang height of 14 feet, 5 inches, and has a load capacity of 200 ... Read More »

Multimaterial Bonding Agent

bonding agent

INCREDI-BOND is a high-strength, two-component epoxy designed as a bonding agent for many materials including wood, steel, concrete, brick, stone and CMU block. INCREDI-BOND is moisture-insensitive and has a two-year shelf life when stored in unopened containers between 40 F ... Read More »

Stamping Kit

stamping kit

The Metal Stamping Kit from ImpressArt® provides all the tools needed to create personalized, hand-stamped gifts. The kit can be used on a variety of items, including bottle openers, keychains, pet tags, garden markers and more. Kits include a metal ... Read More »

POS System

pos system

Paladin Data provides an easy-to-use point-of-sale solution for retail hardware stores of all sizes. Paladin’s Market Driven Inventory Management™ uses a retailer’s sales data to predict which products customers will be looking for in the weeks to come. The company ... Read More »

Machine Gas Can

gas can

The 5 Gallon Gasoline SureCan is designed for use with bigger machines, featuring patented technology and hand grips at the bottom that helps support its weight when full. The flexible spout rotates down more than 180 degrees and fits into ... Read More »

Premium Aluminum Screening


The Aluminum Screen for Tiny Insects by Phifer provides protection from small insects, including gnats, black flies and more. The screening works best on windows, doors and screen porch applications. Aluminum Screen for Tiny Insects gives retailers a premium window ... Read More »