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Wireless Lighting

wireless lighting

The Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance starter kit includes a bridge that connects to a wireless router and three Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 lightbulbs. These lightbulbs feature rich blues and greens. Lightbulbs install in any standard ... Read More »

Smart Refrigerator

smart refrigerator

The Family Hub™ 2.0 refrigerator from Samsung is controlled from a 21.5-inch Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen, which serves as the digital command center. Users can create shopping lists and expiration notices; share calendars, photos and memos; stream music and videos and ... Read More »

Decorative Outdoor Hardware

outdoor hardware

Outdoor Accents® decorative hardware is a new line of connectors and fasteners from Simpson Strong-Tie that provides both design elegance and structural strength to custom outdoor living areas. This load-rated, patent-pending hardware accommodates 4- and 6-foot lumber sizes, providing the ... Read More »

Calcium Lime Remover

calcium lime remover

The Whink® Calcium Lime Remover helps eliminate water problems fast. It is designed to eliminate buildup caused by soap scum and calcium stains. As the newest addition to Whink’s product line, the Calcium Lime Remover is formulated to work on ... Read More »

Plastic Sheeting Merchandiser


The CHA3 is an exclusive wire-rack merchandiser that displays popular 4-mil, 12-roll product assortments of Carry-Home Coverall consumer plastic sheeting. The product line is made in the USA. WARP BROS. 800-621-3345 or warpbros.com Read More »

Power Wheelbarrows and Trackbarrows


New to the YARDMAX product line are the power wheelbarrow and trackbarrows. The YARDMAX Power Wheelbarrow offers self-propelled, all-wheel drive with a zero turn radius. Operators can navigate safely to move and dump up to 660 pounds of materials. The ... Read More »

Spackling Kit


ONETIME® Lightweight Spackling fills dents, cracks, nail holes and other small holes. The lightweight, premixed formula spreads easily for fast, professional repairs to walls and ceilings in just one application. It dries fast, doesn’t need sanding and won’t shrink, crack ... Read More »

Premium Spray Can Tool

spray tool

The CANGUN1 by SafeWorld International is a premium spray can tool that features a FullGrip™ trigger, with 21/2-to-1 leverage advantage. This makes spraying up to 8 times easier while providing professional, pain-free results. The product is ergonomically tested and has ... Read More »