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Inflatable Camping Mattress


The Coleman® QuickBed® Single High Airbed—Full fits standard sheets for a full bed and supports up to 600 pounds. An antimicrobial sleep surface, plush top and ComfortStrong™ coil construction add to its comfort. The bed works with all Coleman airbed ... Read More »

Paint Touch-Up Tool


Spot On Touch Up Tool™ safeguards paint for future touch-ups. The five-layer tube stores paint in an air-free environment for years. About 50 milliliters of water-based paint can be stored and used in future jobs with the provided washable applicator. ... Read More »

Propane Tank Holder


Tank Tire® is a protective propane tank holder that prevents rust rings and surface damage on decks, patios and RVs. It is made of high-grade, non-electrostatic polymer rubber. Tank Tire fits most sizes, including 10-, 11-, 15-, 20-, 30- and ... Read More »

Light-Activated Adhesive


UV Glue is a fast-curing adhesive that is suitable for bonding metal, glass, ceramics, wood, rubber, PVC and other materials. The glue is cured when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. The lamp can cure items with safe and convenient peration. Worktech ... Read More »

Ice Melting Salt

ice melt

MELTZ ALL is a multi-mineral ice melter made from blended calcium chloride. It is effective down to minus 28 degrees Celsius (minus 18.4 Fahrenheit). The crystal’s natural pinkish color makes it visible during the application process. MELTZ ALL is available ... Read More »

Electrical Cord Protector

cord protector

The Cord Dome completely encloses power cord connections and can house entire power cord strips and Y-connectors. It can be used for holiday light displays and any outdoor projects requiring multiple extension cord connections. The dome is made from UV-resistant ... Read More »

Planting Pot


The Smart Pot is a soft-sided fabric aeration container designed to promote plant growth. The porous, long-lasting fabric provides drainage, releases excess heat and air-prunes roots. Smart Pots are BPA- and lead-free and reusable. The Variety Pack includes 5-, 10- ... Read More »

Multi-Use Cooler


The Orion 85 is an 85-quart capacity multi-use cooler. As the largest cooler from Orion Coolers, it is designed to store quartered game, large fish, a week’s worth of food and more. The cooler can hold 100 pounds of ice, ... Read More »