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Roofing Underlayment

Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal™ is composed of a cool white, non-slip, cross-laminated, high density polyethylene film laminated to a high temperature rubberized asphalt adhesive system. This self-adhering “self-stick” premium product is extremely tough and durable and offers a ... Read More »

Polyamide Paint Rollers

The full Wooster Cirrus line is soft, resilient and easy to load. High-capacity European fabric delivers fast, complete coverage with all flat, eggshell and satin paints, stains and sizings. Recognizable by their bold green stripe, the Cirrus roller brand from Wooster ... Read More »

Miter Angle Finder

Milescraft AngleFinder sets miter angles by loosening the locking lever, placing the AngleFinder into the corner or around the corner, relocking the locking lever and taking to a miter saw. Place one side of the AngleFinder against the fence, adjust the ... Read More »

Ratcheting Cable Cutter

The Open Jaw Cable Cutter has front loading jaws that easily wrap around cable in confined spaces. The Open Jaw Cable Cutter with a high-leverage ratchet mechanism allows for single-handed cutting of 600 MCM Copper and 750 MCM Aluminum without ... Read More »