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Bear-Resistant Trash Can

trash can

Toter® Bear-Tough Carts have a double-walled lid and a steel-reinforced rim, helping keep bears and other animals out. Featuring a locking mechanism, Toter Bear-Tough Carts are strong enough to withstand repeated clawing and chewing. Certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear ... Read More »

Lawn and Garden Hose

garden hose

The H2Zero is a seamless lawn and garden fabric hose from Flexon Industries. The hose is constructed of a woven fiber mesh for flexibility and durability. The H2Zero features a 750 PSI rating, which is up to three times stronger ... Read More »

Crack Repair Kit

crack repair

Krack Kote® is a flexible crack repair kit for drywall and plaster. It makes repairs to cracked walls and ceilings that require no sanding, and it can be applied and painted in under an hour. Krack Kote retains its flexibility ... Read More »

Well Pump

well pump

The Superior Pump 94705 3/4 HP Shallow Well Jet Pump features a cast iron pump body and is designed to work with wells up to 25 feet deep. The pump features a fully adjustable pressure switch preset at 20/40 PSI. ... Read More »

Technology Brings More Options to the Housewares Department

Click the picture to download a PDF of this story. By Chad Husted, chusted@nrha.org A New Cook in the Kitchen Gadgets are a fundamental piece of the hardware industry. Adults can get the same sense of wonderment as children with a new toy ... Read More »

Fence Stretcher

fence stretcher

The Goldenrod fence stretcher-splicer tool is an update that features a third hook to allow larger lengths of wire to be stretched. The tool works on multiple wire types, including high-tensile, barbed and smooth wire, and can splice, split and ... Read More »

Cleaner and Degreaser


Spitfire® Power Cleaner is an all-purpose cleaner that removes ink, crayon, marker, adhesive, gum, food soils, scuff marks, grease, oil and daily soil buildup from any washable surface. It is NSF- and Kosher-certified and is designed for use on counters, ... Read More »

Multipurpose Lighter


The Scripto® EZ-Squeeze® is a multipurpose lighter featuring an adult-friendly squeeze grip ignition for ease of use. The lighter includes a refillable tank, ergonomic design, visible fuel supply, built-in hook for storage, angled nozzle for easy lighting and is available ... Read More »