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Propane Cylinder


The 1-pound Refillable Propane Cylinder Kit from Flame King is compatible with all appliances that use propane cylinders. It is a refillable and transportable 20-pound propane tank. The cylinders are eco-friendly and have a powder coating for durability. Flame King ... Read More »

Weed Steamer

weed steamer

DynaSteam combines ordinary tap water, super-heated to over 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and the mobility of a wheeled tank to allow users to take out the toughest weeds anywhere outside. No glyphosates, no herbicides. Just add water and apply steam for ... Read More »

Belt Buckle Drink Holder

drink holder

The BevBuckle is the world’s first retractable belt buckle that holds a can, bottle or anything that fits. All designs are antique silver, with new designs on the way. Buckles weigh 8 ounces. Not intended for hot beverages or heavy ... Read More »

Mason Bee House

bee house

The Welliver Mason Bee House is made of ¾-inch Eastern White Cedar. It features corrosion-resistant screw hardware and replaceable corrugated tubes for nesting. Mason bees are essential pollinators that cannot excavate their own holes for nesting. Eggs are laid during ... Read More »

Grill Smoker

grill smoker

The BBQueCan was originally designed to barbecue and roast almonds, nuts and snacks. Now it has grown into a great tool for grilling and smoking many different types of food while saving space on the grill. The BBQueCan allows users ... Read More »

Sun-Powered Grill


The GoSun Grill roasts healthy meals for eight in as little as an hour using only the sun. It cooks more than just meat, as the grill can roast vegetables, bake breads and stew hearty soups. With no installation or ... Read More »

Cleaning Lubricant

cleaning lubricant

Superzilla is a nonhazardous lubricant, cleaner and penetrating oil made from plants. As a lubricant, it is slicker than oil, and its non-ionic coating doesn’t attract particles. It cleans a variety of messes, from grease and oil to tar, asphalt, ... Read More »

A Closer Look at Retailers Focused on Household Cleaning Products

Click the picture to download a PDF of this story. By Renee Changnon, rchangnon@nrha.org Cleaning Up in Housewares Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or a spring overhaul, consumers are constantly looking for ways to keep their homes spotless. Do ... Read More »