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Washing Machine Connectors

washing machine

The Eastman brand washing machine connectors feature PVC-wrapped stainless steel hoses that are triple reinforced for added burst strength. They are specifically designed for high-efficiency washing machines. The hoses have 90-degree elbow connectors for tight spaces, solid brass nuts and ... Read More »

Reusable Twist Tie


The Gear Tie® Loopable™ Reusable Rubber Twist Tie can cinch and loop through itself to secure and hang an assortment of items, including industrial hoses, extension cords and air compressor hoses. The integrated loop gives users the ability to thread ... Read More »

Fire-Starter Log

fire log

The Swedish Torch is a complete fire system cut from one log. The torch lights with one match and burns for two-plus hours with little or no smoke. They’re debarked, cut and then heat treated to 165 F, making them ... Read More »

Scent-Removing Tote


The Scent Crusher Ozone Tote eliminates odors from hunting gear, sports gear and more. With ozone-activated technology, the ozone generator attached to the 40-gallon container can remove odor from items within 30 minutes. The process is chemical-free and leaves no ... Read More »

Product Rundown: Camping and the Great Outdoors

Hardware Retailing editor Chad Husted takes a look at some of the latest high-tech products for customers heading into the wilderness. See if there are any products that could improve your camping and outdoor living departments. To view the video ... Read More »

Inflatable Camping Mattress


The Coleman® QuickBed® Single High Airbed—Full fits standard sheets for a full bed and supports up to 600 pounds. An antimicrobial sleep surface, plush top and ComfortStrong™ coil construction add to its comfort. The bed works with all Coleman airbed ... Read More »

Paint Touch-Up Tool


Spot On Touch Up Tool™ safeguards paint for future touch-ups. The five-layer tube stores paint in an air-free environment for years. About 50 milliliters of water-based paint can be stored and used in future jobs with the provided washable applicator. ... Read More »

Propane Tank Holder


Tank Tire® is a protective propane tank holder that prevents rust rings and surface damage on decks, patios and RVs. It is made of high-grade, non-electrostatic polymer rubber. Tank Tire fits most sizes, including 10-, 11-, 15-, 20-, 30- and ... Read More »