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Kids Visit Store to Send Letters to Santa


Yes, Santa will write you back—just ask any child who dropped off a letter in the big red mailbox at Berger Hardware last December. The Letters for Santa mailbox in the middle of the Hawthorne, New York, store is the ... Read More »

Being a Customer Resource on Flag Care


On Veterans Day, and every day, the American flag symbolizes the sacrifices of Americans who came before us to preserve our freedom and independence. If you sell flags or display them at your store, discover how your business can be a ... Read More »

Hardware Store’s Movie Night Brings Community Together


“How can we use the wall?” That was the question on the mind of general manager Daniel Buzzell at Midland Ace Hardware and Sports. The large, blank, white outside wall of the store would be a good place for a ... Read More »

Unusual Lamps Create Conversation


It’s easy to start a conversation with customers heading back to the plumbing department at Meyer Hardware in Golden, Colorado. They’re likely to stop and point to the unusual lamp displayed there. Created from a mixture of plumbing fittings and ... Read More »