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Reach Out to New Residents with Customizable Gift Certificates

Many stores offer new-residents packets that contain gift certificates and welcome notes to invite new neighbors into the store with hopes they’ll become new customers. But when you put together these offers, remember the client base you’re serving. Most of ... Read More »

Gillman Rests Easy with Mattress Sales

A few years ago, Charlie Gillman, owner of Gillman Do it Best Home Center, and his wife were shopping for a new mattress. They were having trouble finding exactly what they wanted, so when a Serta representative stopped at the ... Read More »

SPONSORED: A New Way to Look at Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning has its roots in several cultures around the world and was a necessity in cold climates as coal became the prominent source of heat. As homes were scoured of filthy coal dust each spring, the practice became a ... Read More »

Rocky’s Ace Hardware Holds Third Annual Pet Food Drive

Rocky’s Ace Hardware, a family-owned business with 32 neighborhood-based stores, collected and delivered four tons of pet food along with beds, leashes, treats, toys and cleaning supplies to local animal shelters during its third annual Rocky’s Ace Hardware Pet Food ... Read More »

Retailer and Fair Team Up to Moooo-ve Sales

The staff at Home Hardware & Variety knows all about animals—they sell chickens, ducks, lizards, chinchillas and more at their store in Overton, Nev. Overton is also home to the county fair, so store staff, with the help of a ... Read More »

Contest Creates Talking Point on Store’s Facebook Page

The staff at Purcell Ace Hardware recently hosted a Duck Tape corsage contest for area schools, an event that used the store’s social media page to the fullest, engaged younger customers and worked with the community. “We were looking for ... Read More »

Retailers Tap into Sweet Sales

Two retailers recently teamed up with nearby nature centers to help some of their youngest customers tap into a local hobby: maple sugaring. Staff at Keough’s Do it Best Paint & Hardware in Connecticut and Orme Do it Best Hardware ... Read More »

Try These Promotions this Holiday Season

Despite a chill in the air, independent home improvement retailers across the country are thinking up creative ways to heat up sales and traffic. Read the following promotions to get some ideas for your store: Join the Local Movement. You ... Read More »