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Increase Purchases by Promoting Ads While Customers are in Your Store

Global mobile agency Fetch has announced the results of its ‘Engaging the Mobile Shopper’ report, which was conducted among more than 300+ US adults aged 18 – 60 in order to uncover the true impact of mobile devices on brick-and-mortar ... Read More »

5 Ways to Enhance Your Store’s Social Media Presence

Whether you are a social media maverick or beginning a path to building your own digital community, it is important to learn the “rules of conduct” when promoting your business using social platforms. Here are five ways to make the ... Read More »

Social Media Promotion Helps Customers Sell Pallets

When Kim Folchi was looking for new ways to sell wooden pallets in her store, she turned to social media. Folchi, owner of Sierra Valley Home Center in Loyalton, Calif., had a collection of pallets left over from deliveries that ... Read More »

Store’s Ad is Made for the Big Screen

A couple of years ago, when the staff at Scarborough Lumber, with five locations in California, searched for new ways to drive traffic to their garden center, they found their solution in a nearby business: the local movie theater. The ... Read More »