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Where Millennials are Settling

NewGeography, a site that focuses on where people live and work, recently analyzed the relationship between urban cores and millennials. It is true that there is an upsurge in urban core living that reflects the living preferences of millennials. However, ... Read More »

Student Loan Debt Delays Millennial Homeownership

The American Dream has included homeownership for many years. Today, however, that dream is at a standstill for young adults already burdened with large amounts of student loan debt. According to an article by the Detroit News, 414,000 homes sales ... Read More »

Technology is Changing How Consumers Think

Walking down a busy street, looking around a packed restaurant or going to a concert often paints a similar picture- a sea of people staring at their phones. As we continue to face great technological advances, the results of this ... Read More »

Outlook on Millennial Housing

According to a report by the Demand Institute, 79 percent of millennials are optimistic about their financial situation. As a result, 74 percent expect to move within the next five years, resulting in an additional 8.3 million millennial households by ... Read More »

Millennials and Baby Boomers Moving in Opposite Directions

As the economy is continuing to improve, Baby Boomers and Millenials are moving to opposite locations based on their current needs. According to an article by Realtor Mag, 17 million American move to a different county each year. Millenials are ... Read More »

Consumers Demand Peace of Mind from Products

A new national study conducted for Lowe’s reveals that security/safety is the primary driver behind consumers’ desires to purchase home automation equipment. Cost remains the barrier. According to CEPro, the data from the Lowe’s 2014 Smart Home Survey reveals that a ... Read More »

Shoppers Turn Away from Brick-and-Mortar

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, U.S. retailers are facing a steep and persistent drop in store traffic, which is weighing on sales and prompting chains to slow store openings as shoppers make more of their purchases online. ... Read More »

Rich Customers Opt for Warehouse Clubs

While warehouse clubs might be perceived to be the domain of those looking to stretch a tight budget, new research from Mintel reveals that it is not just those of lower incomes. According to Retailcustomerexperience.com, high income consumers think their ... Read More »