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Check Out These Employee Development Resources

human resources

Retailers looking for guidance on how to coach underperforming employees or what to do when firing can find suggestions in Hardware Retailing’s January 2017 article “Employee, We’ve Got a Problem.” In addition, Hardware Retailing collected the following list of resources to answer further questions about how to properly ... Read More »

Employee, We’ve Got a Problem! Coaching or Firing Underperformers


To view a PDF of this story, click here.  By Kate Klein, kklein@nrha.org  Employee, We’ve Got a Problem! Justin looked really good on paper when you hired him three months ago, but he’s been a headache ever since. You know ... Read More »

How Business Issues Fared in the General Election

Business Issues

You know the results of the heated presidential election, but have you checked in on how various states voted on business issues? Four states approved minimum wage increases in November’s general election, and South Dakota residents voted down a decrease ... Read More »

New Resource: Verbal Counseling Worksheet


Communication is key when helping an underperforming employee get back on track. Not only is it important to check in regularly with the employee, but it’s a good idea to keep notes in your records about when you talked and what ... Read More »