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Email Marketing Must be Targeted

Email marketing is used to attract shoppers and nurture ongoing relationships with loyal customers. However, many companies are not using email marketing correctly or to its full potential. A study conducted by Order Dynamics, an omni-channel commerce solutions provider, discovered ... Read More »

Target’s New App Makes In-Store Shopping Easy

Rather than ignoring the fact that consumers are using their mobile devices to shop while in the store, Target tackled the challenge head-on through its mobile app. Using location-based technology from Point Inside, Target’s app allows customers to pick a ... Read More »

Customer Experience Key to Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

Online shopping has made ordering products easier, added new ways to advertise and promote, and has enabled customers to compare prices among different retailers. However, online shopping is still missing one thing—the in-store customer experience. In order to learn what ... Read More »

Get Customers to Love Your Brand, Not Just the Discount

Consumers’ wallets are growing—not from money but from loyalty cards. More consumers are joining loyalty programs, but are they joining because they love the brand or because they love the discount? The Love Matrix, a report by Bond Brand Loyalty, analyzes ... Read More »

International Housewares Association Launches New Consumer-Facing Website

Inspired Home, a new website from the International Housewares Association (IHA), was launched mid-October as a resource for consumers to discover trends in home and housewares products. IHAInspiredHome.org, “delivers compelling information and ideas across a broad spectrum of home lifestyle ... Read More »

Benefits and Challenges of Social Media

Social Media is a key initiative for many businesses’ marketing efforts across the country, but some companies still struggle with leveraging these consumer-facing tools. A recent benchmarking study by Hootsuite identifies the benefits businesses are reaping from social media, but ... Read More »

Social Media During the Holiday Season

A recent survey sponsored by MarketLive analyzed what social media interactions will be occurring this holiday season. Some actions that will be important this season from a social perspective are reviewing purchased products, using social sites to find gift ideas ... Read More »

Content Marketing Builds Credibility and Customer Base

You’ve probably heard the term content marketing bandied about. In many ways, it’s the “new marketing.” But just what is this practice, what can it do for me as a hardware retailer, and how is it conducted? At its core, ... Read More »