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Intown Ace Looks for Ways to Get Noticed

With approximately 30,000 cars zipping past Intown Ace Hardware in Decatur, Georgia, every day, co-owner Dave Jones wants them to slow down enough for his business to get noticed. “We are always looking for a way to turn heads toward our ... Read More »

How To Make Your Pet Department Top Dog

Families all over the globe are taking a closer look at what they put in their bodies. Organic foods and locavore tastes have transformed the standard diet for many families, and that has translated to pets as well. Yet it isn’t ... Read More »

Store Creates Quilts from Vendor T-shirts

Finding success as a hardware retailer is all about tying things together. From suppliers to customers, a store can be judged on its ability to match each problem with a solution. For the Ganahl Lumber location in Costa Mesa, California, ... Read More »

Finding Merchandising Strategies That Work

To view a PDF of this story, click here. When it comes to merchandising your store, you can’t always follow the textbook. Customers don’t always look at what you want to sell them, so sometimes you have to get creative ... Read More »

How to Maintain Your Merchandising

Keeping a store that looks good all of the time should be a team effort. Throughout a busy day, it’s easy for displays to get messy, items to get misplaced or stock levels to drop. But if you have everyone ... Read More »

Core Category All-Stars

Core Category All-Stars

To view a PDF of Part 1 of this story, click here. To view a PDF of Part 2 of this story, click here. A Look at Best-in-Class Merchandising Across the Store Look for the best merchandised category in your ... Read More »

Merchandising Ideas From Atlanta Stores

Finding unique ways to merchandise key categories can help you call out certain products to your customers while creating a distinctive atmosphere for your store. One of the best ways to get ideas for your own store is to look ... Read More »

Store Makes Lamp Fixtures Out of Various Items

Not sure what to do with that old pair of cowboy boots? Make a lamp! At Hillsboro Hardware in Nashville, Tennessee, Jason Mathias and his staff have done it all—they’ve made fixtures out of just about everything: boots, wine bottles ... Read More »