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INDEPENDENT THINKING: Association Health Insurance for You and Your Families

Wherever we’ve gone over the last few years, asking what your greatest challenges and concerns as independent retailers are, uncertainty about and the cost of health insurance and health care for yourselves and your employees always tops your lists. In ... Read More »

“Editorial Challenges the Industry to Evolve”


To watch the video, click here. A testimonial by an independent retailer in the hardware industry. Read More »

“Hardware Retailing is Written for Retailers”


To watch the video, click here. A testimonial from an independent retailer in the home improvement industry. Read More »

Building Materials Product Knowledge

Building Materials Product Knowledge

This 15-chapter course addresses the employee training needs of retailers primarily engaged in selling LBM products. This program is delivered in the same way as the Advanced Course in Hardware Retailing. *You must be an NRHA member to take these ... Read More »

Advanced Course in Hardware Retailing

Advance Course in Hardware Retailing - Feature

This 16-chapter product knowledge training course with accompanying chapter tests is offered in its entirety online. The student studies online or prints each chapter for review, then takes each chapter test online. The test is immediately graded and results returned ... Read More »

Basic Training in Hardware Retailing

Basic Traing in Hardware Retailing - Feature

This Basic Training Course in Hardware Retailing is a comprehensive training tool to help retail sales associates gain the confidence they need to be successful on the salesfloor. *You must be an NRHA member to take these tests. A Complete ... Read More »

Our Three Pennies of Profit

Our Three Pennies of Profit - Feature

To watch the full video, click here. “Our Three Pennies of Profit” retail training video helps independent hardware store, home improvement center and lumberyard owners and managers better communicate the fundamental elements of retail profit and loss to their employees. ... Read More »

Loss Prevention Series

Loss Prevention Series - Feature

NRHA’s Loss Prevention Program includes three separate modules covering internal theft prevention, external theft prevention and store safety. This training program is designed to help retail home improvement stores develop a safe and secure retail environment for both employees and ... Read More »