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Graeme’s Take on Training: Wearing Many Hats

This is the second in Hardware Retailing staffer Graeme Haase’s series of posts about three days of training that he completed at Cardwell Do it Best Home Center in Indianapolis. Haase went through this training program to get a firsthand ... Read More »

Graeme’s Take On Training: Preparing for a New Gig

Hello, my name is Graeme Haase. I’m a graphic designer with the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA), but for the next few days, I’m trying a new job—working as a sales associate at Cardwell Do it Best Home Center ... Read More »

New NRHA Services Available in 2016

As your industry trade association, the North American Retail Hardware Association’s (NRHA) mission is to help independent hardware stores, home centers and lumberyards, regardless of wholesale affiliation, become better and more profitable retailers. In order to fulfill that mission, the association continually develops new tools ... Read More »

Insight From Facebook on Millennial Employees

Want to better understand the millennials working for your business? A leader from Facebook, which was founded by a millennial, has a few suggestions for you based on experience, according to an article from Harvard Business Review. “We pride ourselves on having built ... Read More »

Hiring in the 21st Century

Make a list of everything you think new college graduates want when they start looking for a job. Now compare that list to ours. In the following story, we take a look at the millennial generation, generally described as those ... Read More »

House-Hasson Adopts Paperless Payments

Electronic Payments

House-Hasson Hardware is moving to stop issuing checks, invoices, and statements to its vendors and dealers. Not in the mail, anyway. “We’re phasing in a program we call ‘go green’ through the balance of 2015 to make all payments electronically ... Read More »

Walmart Pay Is the Latest Mobile Payment Option

Walmart Pay

Walmart has introduced its own mobile payment platform, Walmart Pay, which allows shoppers to use QR codes to check out at cash registers and make digital payments. Walmart Pay is the newest feature incorporated into the retailer’s app, which has 22 ... Read More »

Home Depot Shares New Financial Goals

Home Depot

This week, The Home Depot described progress toward strategic goals and outlined long-term financial targets for the company. The retailer’s key strategic initiatives continue to be centered on customer experience, product authority and productivity, as well as new goals, according to the company. In December ... Read More »