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Cooling Neck Wrap

neck wrap

KOOLGATOR Cooling Neck Wraps are designed to help people stay cool through the process of evaporative cooling. The neck wraps snap securely around the neck and can be used anywhere it’s hot. Soak the wrap in water for all-day cooling. ... Read More »

Floating Beach Cup

beach cups

The Beach Glass® features a ball and stem design that holds the glass upright in sand, grass and snow while also staying upright and floating in water. The glass is made of durable, BPA-free acrylic and is a reusable alternative ... Read More »

Wine Aerator


The Pocket Wine Aerator is a product designed to enhance the flavor and finish of wine. It has an aerating motor, which creates tiny air bubbles, rapidly introducing oxygen into the wine and freeing its tertiary aroma, enriching the flavor ... Read More »

Generator Canopy


The GenTent Safety Canopies product line allows the running of portable and inverter generators safely in wet weather. The canopies are resistant to high winds, heavy rains and blizzard-force precipitation. This helps prevent electrical shock by keeping sensitive areas dry. ... Read More »

Fastening Tool


The STINGER® CH38-2 Cap Hammer is designed for fastening roofing underlayment, house wraps and rolling insulation. The nonpneumatic cap fastener eliminates the need for hoses and compressors, improving safety. It has the holding power of a 1-inch cap. National Nail ... Read More »

Vertical Outdoor Cooker


The Barrel House Vertical Cooker uses a combination of hooks, grates and accessories to suspend meat over charcoal to cook a wide variety of foods. The vertical cooker is designed and assembled in the U.S. with steel components and hardware ... Read More »

Multipurpose Sealant


HurriBond™ is a one-component, modified silicone sealant and adhesive. When fully cured, it offers UV stability and adhesion to PVC, concrete, glass, aluminum, painted surfaces, wood, plywood, marble, metal and many other common substrates. It works well in all weather ... Read More »

Shock-Absorbent Strap System

strap system

ShockStraps are a shock-absorbing tie down made to keep tension on the strap and secure loads. The system stretches to act like a shock absorber and contracts with the load, keeping it secure. The ShockStrap is made of a urethane ... Read More »