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Decorative Wine Stoppers

wine stopper

Get It Right Bottle Stoppers allow tall vessels like wine bottles to remain upright in a refrigerator or lie flat in a wine cooler. Three silicone rings around each cork provide a tight seal for any size bottle. The stoppers ... Read More »

Cooking Shield

cooking shield

The Frywall can be inserted into any pan to increase the height of the cooking item’s walls, keeping splatter and grease from landing on surrounding surfaces. It comes in two sizes, one working in pans ranging from 9 1/2 to ... Read More »

Baby Bottle Warmer

bottle warmer

The Cuisinart Baby® Bottle Warmer allows users to heat a baby’s drink. The warming chamber safely steam-heats small or large glass or plastic bottles to the right temperature. The product also includes a basket to warm baby food jars and ... Read More »

Stainless Steel House Hydrant

house hydrant

The Aquor House Hydrant insulates and protects pipes from freezing when the temperature drops. This in-wall faucet system provides instant access to water outdoors. It has a stainless steel body with freeze protection up to minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit, plus ... Read More »

Smoker Pellets

smoker pellets

DiamondKingSmoker’s BBQ Pellets are designed to create more heat to increase searing on meat while adding flavor in pellet grills. The pellets have a fiber base and are 100 percent natural hardwood, so there are no artificial flavors or binding ... Read More »

Smart LED Lightbulb


The IntelliBulb Color Choice from Feit is one of five different IntelliBulb lighting solutions. Unlike other smart lightbulbs, IntelliBulbs have the intelligence built in, no smart home hardware, mobile apps or dimmers required. Lighting can be controlled with a motion ... Read More »

Stainless Steel Bottle


The Canteen by Corkcicle allows users to enjoy their favorite cold or hot beverages on the go. The product has easy-grip flat sides and a nonslip bottom. The canteens are available in 9-, 16-, 25- and 60-ounce sizes and a ... Read More »

Cleaning Gift Bucket

cleaning bucket

The Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lavender Cleaning Gift Bucket is an easy way to try earth-friendly household products made with plant-derived ingredients and essential oils. The set includes household cleaners and laundry supplies in a lavender scent, packed in a ... Read More »