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Molding & Trim Sealant

DAP ALEX FLEX Premium Molding & Trim Sealant is specially formulated and features crack-proof flexibility for perfect results every time. Ready to paint over in 30 minutes, this mold- and mildew-resistant sealant is easy to apply and tool, cleans up ... Read More »

Building Materials Product Knowledge

Building Materials Product Knowledge

This 15-chapter course addresses the employee training needs of retailers primarily engaged in selling LBM products. This program is delivered in the same way as the Advanced Course in Hardware Retailing. *You must be an NRHA member to take these ... Read More »

Project PRO

Project Pro

Understanding the components of the most common DIY projects and how to sell a customer an entire project instead of just specific products can make a big impact on a store’s sales. To help arm store associates with this skill, ... Read More »

Power Brush Assortment

7-15-2013: assorted brush set

Weiler’s power brush assortment includes items for use on 4½-inch angle grinders. It includes 4½-inch Mini Roughneck stringer bead wheels; Dually™ 4½-inch weld cleaning brushes; standard twist knot wire 4-inch bevel brushes, which feature a tufted knot end and a ... Read More »

How to Increase Plant Sales

How to Increase Plant Sales - Feature

No matter how big or small your live plant offering, if you want to be successful, you need quality plants, and that means being choosy. Your reputation will be riding on every plant you sell, so dedicate staff to keeping ... Read More »

Hardwood Pellets

Green Mountain Hardwood Pellets are oak based and large, which means they last longer than standard alder based pellets. Each bag contains 28 pounds of pellets, compared to the standard 20-ounce bag, and contains almost 100-percent dust-free pellets. Pellets ignite ... Read More »

Peek a Boo Pet Latch

The Peek a Boo™ Pet Latch is specifically designed to keep dogs out of the litter box and prevent them from eating cat feces and getting sick. The latch prevents entry into the room where the litter box is stored. ... Read More »

Generate Add-On Sales in the Hunting Market

A lot of the people who like to roll up their sleeves in a do-it-yourself project are the same ones who like to suit up in camouflage and sit in a tree stand. Tapping into the hunting market is easy ... Read More »