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Universal Blade


The One Fit Titanium-Coated Carbide Blade is a universal titanium-nitrite coated oscillating carbide blade. It has the ability to cut hardened bolts, deck screws, rebar, cement board, steel and copper pipe, drywall, wood and tile among other applications. Imperial Blades ... Read More »

Color Label Printer


The Brother QL-800 series offers black and red printing over the entire printable area of a label. Users can create labels with black and red text up to 3 feet in length. It can be connected by wired or wireless ... Read More »

Washing Machine Connectors

washing machine

The Eastman brand washing machine connectors feature PVC-wrapped stainless steel hoses that are triple reinforced for added burst strength. They are specifically designed for high-efficiency washing machines. The hoses have 90-degree elbow connectors for tight spaces, solid brass nuts and ... Read More »

Reusable Twist Tie


The Gear Tie® Loopable™ Reusable Rubber Twist Tie can cinch and loop through itself to secure and hang an assortment of items, including industrial hoses, extension cords and air compressor hoses. The integrated loop gives users the ability to thread ... Read More »

Looking for Growth Opportunities in Core Products and Niches?

product categories

The North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) is surveying independent retailers to learn more about the growth opportunities they are finding in niche and core product categories. The retailer perspectives will provide insight that helps independent business owners evaluate their ... Read More »

10 Projects Young Customers Need Help With

While technology has advanced to the point where we can look up information on nearly any subject using just our phones, but ingrained knowledge and skills in home improvement projects are not nearly as prevalent in young customers. This means ... Read More »

Fire-Starter Log

fire log

The Swedish Torch is a complete fire system cut from one log. The torch lights with one match and burns for two-plus hours with little or no smoke. They’re debarked, cut and then heat treated to 165 F, making them ... Read More »

Help Exterior Spaces Shine With Outdoor Lighting Options

Click the picture to download a PDF of this story. By Chad Husted, chusted@nrha.org Illuminating the Outdoors Remember 2008? Homeowners were reeling from the Great Recession, and retailers were trying to figure out how they could make the most of a shrinking building ... Read More »