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Vertical Outdoor Cooker


The Barrel House Vertical Cooker uses a combination of hooks, grates and accessories to suspend meat over charcoal to cook a wide variety of foods. The vertical cooker is designed and assembled in the U.S. with steel components and hardware ... Read More »

Multipurpose Sealant


HurriBond™ is a one-component, modified silicone sealant and adhesive. When fully cured, it offers UV stability and adhesion to PVC, concrete, glass, aluminum, painted surfaces, wood, plywood, marble, metal and many other common substrates. It works well in all weather ... Read More »

Shock-Absorbent Strap System

strap system

ShockStraps are a shock-absorbing tie down made to keep tension on the strap and secure loads. The system stretches to act like a shock absorber and contracts with the load, keeping it secure. The ShockStrap is made of a urethane ... Read More »

Portable Painting Kit

painting kit

The Wombat PortaPaint All-in-One Kit is a portable paint tray kit. The PortaPaint bucket contains magnets in the walls of the pail, a can-opener and a masking tape holder. The rim of the bucket can hold masking tape, screwdrivers, pencils, ... Read More »

USB-Charged Lighter


The TekFire Fuel-Free Lighter is a compact product that allows for quick and easy fire starting. It is windproof, flameless, electronic and requires no butane fuel or adjustments for altitude. The lighter comes with a USB cord for easy recharging ... Read More »

Spraying Mower Attachment

mower attachment

Using the JRCO Mounting System, the Spot Sprayer can be attached to a mower for easy spraying. The six-gallon tank and momentary spray switch allow for an instant spray. It is available with or without an optional wand that allows ... Read More »

Decorative Wine Stoppers

wine stopper

Get It Right Bottle Stoppers allow tall vessels like wine bottles to remain upright in a refrigerator or lie flat in a wine cooler. Three silicone rings around each cork provide a tight seal for any size bottle. The stoppers ... Read More »

Cooking Shield

cooking shield

The Frywall can be inserted into any pan to increase the height of the cooking item’s walls, keeping splatter and grease from landing on surrounding surfaces. It comes in two sizes, one working in pans ranging from 9 1/2 to ... Read More »