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UberRUSH Brings Local Businesses Same-Day Delivery


The widely popular mobile application Uber has transformed the way people get from point A to point B. The company’s latest endeavor, UberRUSH, will provide small business owners that same technology to harness delivery services, according to the company. This ... Read More »

Amazon Wants to Move in With You

Amazon is already a click away on your smartphone or computer, but you can bring the online retailer even closer to home through Dash buttons – small devices made for ordering products. Now Amazon is available to share your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and ... Read More »

Target Supports Employee Health, Gifts Fitbit Trackers

Several large corporations have invested in Fitbit devices to motivate their employees to improve their health, and Target has joined the club. Target is offering activity trackers from Fitbit Inc. to its 335,000 U.S. employees. This move is an attempt to improve workers’ fitness levels ... Read More »

Blish-Mize Brings New Categories to Fall Market

Attendees at the 2015 Fall Blish-Mize Buying Market, held this past weekend in Overland Park, Kansas, got to see several new categories designed to help them diversify their product mix, along with a mobile ordering app they can take back to ... Read More »

Lowe’s Updates Web Tool for Pros

This week, Lowe’s unveiled an upgrade for a web tool for pro customers– LowesForPros.com. The website features new enhancements to help its pro customers make and track purchases online. Users can choose to buy online and pick up product in store or have orders delivered ... Read More »

Consumers Are Slow to Adopt Digital Wallets

Most consumers aren’t eager to retire their physical wallets, despite the option to consolidate what they carry in their pockets and purses by storing payment cards and coupons in digital wallets. In fact, only 13 percent of adults in the U.S. ... Read More »

Target Offers Experimental Smart Home Experience

This week, Target is unveiling a new project in San Francisco to give consumers a hands-on smart home experience. The Target Open House is part retail space, part lab and part meeting venue for the connected home tech community in San Francisco, according ... Read More »

4 Reasons Home Depot Tops Lowe’s Web Sales

The Home Depot has consistently grown its e-commerce business, doing more than twice as much in sales online as Lowe’s did last year. Forbes offers suggestions for why The Home Depot is outpacing its top competitor in web sales: “(B)etter interconnectedness between ... Read More »