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Turn Renovation Into Moneymaking

Don’t forget that the remodeling market has been recovering along with the housing market, so you can plan to sell projects, such as kitchen remodels, to homeowners who want to update their houses in 2o16. To find what remodeling projects are the ... Read More »

Buying the In-Store Experience

E-commerce accounts for only 7 percent of U.S. retail sales, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. But 87 percent of consumers say they go online to look for information about a store before visiting, according to a Google study. The ... Read More »

Consumers Crave Storage Solutions

Living in compact homes is more than a trend that has inspired television shows such as HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters and FYI’s Tiny House Nation. It’s a lifestyle change. More homeowners want to maximize their living space as they downsize or move in ... Read More »

Retail Categories Consumers Prefer to Purchase Online

E-commerce continues to grow and contribute to future retail success, but how much does online purchasing affect the home improvement retail environment? Below is data gathered from NetWorld Media Group’s 2015 Retail Future Trends, which analyzes the different retail categories consumers prefer to ... Read More »

Electronics Selling Guide

Since more and more home advancements are integrating technology, electronic gadgets and gizmos are becoming part of the overall home improvement process. This integration creates an opportunity for home improvement retailers to sell these items, such as USB outlets or cell phone ... Read More »

The Growing Opportunity in Home Electronics

View a PDF of this story of download the online Selling Guide to share the growing opportunity in home electronics with your team!  Plug In! If you could be a fly on the wall in a neighbor’s home, what would you see? Perhaps the ... Read More »

Outdoor Living Is a Growing Category

In the September issue of Hardware Retailing magazine, we gathered data from consumers, retailers and industry organizations to provide a clear view of five trends in the outdoor living category. As mentioned in the story, more consumers are expanding their ... Read More »

Retailers Benefit From Shop Local Campaigns

Consumers are paying attention to retailers’ stories and backgrounds. Before making purchasing decisions they are asking questions such as, “Is this store locally owned?” and, “Does it put money into corporate pockets or my community?” In a recent poll, Hardware Retailing ... Read More »