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Niches in the Lawn and Garden Department

DIY Pond

More homeowners are taking an interest in adding water elements, like ponds, both inside and outside their homes. In the August issue of Hardware Retailing, we cover unique products and services you can add to the lawn and garden department. To read ... Read More »

First Quarter 2016 Economic Indicators

Consumer confidence was relatively strong in 2015, but it took a downward turn toward the end of last year that has carried into 2016. This resulted in a decrease of more than 5 percent in the consumer confidence index in ... Read More »

Looking to Expand Your Business?

Many independent home improvement retailers are looking to expand their businesses by adding store locations, which bring new customers, new product mixes and new opportunities. Recent data gathered by the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) shows that more than a quarter of independent retailers plan ... Read More »

What Millennials’ Home Decorating Means to You

Millennial Home Decor

Walk into the apartment of a young adult, and you may find a cozy space with trendy and unique decor. Makeshift furniture and ratty hand-me-downs are mostly gone from young adults’ home decorating. Millennials prioritize achieving stylish homes at affordable prices. “This is ... Read More »

Making Outdoor Spaces More Sustainable

Over the past several years, more and more sustainable products, such as LED lighting and solar elements, and practices are making their way into U.S. homes. Plus, adding sustainable living options into homes and lifestyles is becoming more affordable and mainstream. This ... Read More »

NRHA’s 2016 Social Media Study

Hardware Retailing magazine’s March 2016 issue features an article focused on retailers who have high-performing social media accounts for their businesses. The story also identifies ways retailers can grow their engagement and audience on social media platforms. The full story can be found here. The North ... Read More »

Zika and Your Mosquito Control Category


Basic Mosquito Control Use this easy reference guide to refresh your employees’ knowledge about the many products that can help your customers control mosquitoes. Download the Mosquito Control Infographic and Trainer’s Notes here or visit www.nrha.org/FreeTraining to see the other training tools we offer. While ... Read More »

Are Shoppers Buying Gifts for Grads at Your Store?

American shoppers spend billions of dollars on gifts annually to celebrate new high school and college graduates and help them transition into their new seasons of life. The average person buying graduation gifts will spend more than $100 per two graduates this spring, research from the ... Read More »