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Company Description:

Max is a leading international manufacturer of construction tools with more than 70 years of manufacturing experience. MAX is dedicated to manufacturing excellence and has earned a solid reputation for engineering top-of-the-line building tools that are designed to last a lifetime.



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Product Categories:

100 PSI Fastening Tools
– 21 Degree Framing Nailer
– 28 Degree Framing Nailer
– 34 Degree Framing Nailer
– Framing Coil Nailer
– Roofing Nailer
– Siding Nailer
– Decking Nailer
– Conical Coil Nailer
– Finish Nailer
– 18 Ga. Brad Nailer
– 23 Ga. Micro Pinner
– Narrow Crown Stapler
– Medium Crown Stapler
– Fine Wire Staplers
– Heavy Duty Coil Nailer

500 PSI Fastening Tools
– 500 PSI Compressor
– High Pressure Concrete Pinner
– High Pressure Full Round Head Framing Nailer
– High Pressure Coil Framing Nailer
– High Pressure 5-1/8” Stick Nailer
– High Pressure Metal Connector Nailer
– High Pressure Siding & Decking Nailer

Gas Powered Cordless Fastening Tools
– Cordless Concrete/Steel Pinner
– Cordless Concrete
– 21 Degree Cordless Framing Nailer
– 34 Degree Cordless Framing Nailer

Battery Operated Concrete Tools
– The World’s First Battery Operated Re-bar Tying Tool
– Cordless Brushless Re-bar Cutter
– Cordless Brushless Rotary Hammer Drill
– Cordless Brushless Impact Driver

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