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Walmart Adding Aisle-Scanning Robots to 50 Stores

Walmart Adding Aisle-Scanning Robots to 50 Stores

Robots are part of Walmart’s strategy for improving its inventory management, as the retailer announces plans to add technologically advanced assistants in 50 U.S. stores, Business Insider reports.

The big-box retailer tested the robots at a small number of stores in Arkansas and California earlier this year and now plans to expand the program. The two-foot-tall machines travel through aisles and scan shelves for missing or incorrect price tags and out-of-stock or misplaced products using a camera attached to the top, the article states.

The robots then communicate these errors to human employees who can address the problems.

According to Business Insider, the robots can scan shelves three times faster and more accurately than a human, who can only scan shelves about twice a week.

Walmart has been experimenting with other technological operational improvements in recent years, including automated online order pickup kiosks. The retailer has also used technology for training purposes, using virtual reality goggles to lead new staff members through various customer service scenarios.

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