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Walmart Launches Instant Reordering Program

Walmart Launches Instant Reordering Program

Walmart has unveiled a new program that allows customers to reorder items they’ve previously bought in store and online, according to an official blog post by the company. The instant reordering program’s goal is to help “customers save both money and time,” the blog states.

The program, Easy Reorder, tracks purchases made both on Walmart.com and in its approximately 4,700 stores across the county. It then populates its app and customers’ online accounts with precise information on what they have bought. Then, customers can log on to Walmart.com or its app, locate a previous purchase, and instantly make a reorder.

Walmart highlights its program’s ability to store precise information on customers’ purchases, including size and brand information, to streamline the reorder process and save consumers time.

Easy Reorder could be seen as another foray into competition with Amazon. The program is similar to Amazon’s Dash Buttons, which also facilitate reordering items customers use most frequently.

Jordan Sweetnam, author of the blog post and vice president of Customer Experience & Product, Walmart Global eCommerce, credits the program with contributing to first quarter growth for the company. The big-box retailer grew 1.4 percent in the first quarter and saw total revenue of $117.5 billion, according to a press release.

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