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10 Podcasts Small Business Owners Should Listen To

Across the country, independent retailers are busy. Whether you’re refreshing yourself on the benefits of shopping local to share with your customers, benchmarking your business against typical and high-profit operations or crafting a succession plan for your retail operation, your time is valuable and often in short supply.

But it’s still important to seek other avenues to learn about new innovations in retail, business best practices, and the products and ideas that could revolutionize your business.

Whether you listen in your car on your way to work or while you’re burning calories on the treadmill, podcasts are a great way to explore new concepts for your business.

Hardware Retailing editors gathered 10 of our favorite podcasts to help boost your business. Review the list below and give one a listen.

1. Marketplace
Host Kai Ryssdal breaks down the latest economic news. From big-picture trends to features on small businesses, “Marketplace” is a great resource for business owners from all industries, including the independent hardware sphere.

2. HBR Ideacast
Brought to you by the Harvard Business Review, this weekly podcast features topics on business management and includes informative interviews with industry leaders. The podcast explores national and international topics and even delves into science to help business owners perform at their highest level.

3. How I Built This
This podcast profiles the people behind some of the world’s biggest brands and ideas. Even if the subjects aren’t involved in the hardware industry, it’s interesting to learn how an entrepreneur conceived of an idea and brought it to the world.

4. The Jason & Scot Show
Dive into the latest e-commerce news with this podcast. Hosted by two industry veterans, the podcast spotlights e-commerce movers and shakers and delivers news listeners can use to develop their own e-commerce offerings.

5. The $100 MBA
Listeners of this popular podcast say it gives them direct, actionable takeaways to apply to their business. With 1,000 episodes in its archive, you’re sure to find an episode that covers topics that matter to you.

6. The Side Hustle Show
Everyone’s time is valuable, so why not make money in your spare time? Listeners of this podcast get innovative tips on how they can develop a successful side hustle, or amplify their main business’s power and profits.

7. Building Genius
If you cater to homebuilders and contractors, make time to listen to this podcast. Featuring contributions from building science experts, architects, design professionals and more, listeners can learn about the latest building material advancements and industry trends.

8. The Garyvee Audio Experience
Hosted by a former small business marketer, “The Garyvee Audio Experience” explores topics in social media and digital marketing and includes tips for business owners. Listeners can interact with the show by asking questions on social media and using the #AskGaryVee hashtag.

9. Nine to Thrive HR
Have questions about your company’s human resources challenges? This podcast has the answers. Featuring segments about common workplace topics and interviews with human resource leaders, this podcast can help retailers from all sectors excel.

10. Online Marketing Made Easy
With more than 200 episodes, this podcast helps listeners craft and implement an online marketing campaign. Featuring interviews with expert marketers and a behind-the-scenes look at some of host Amy Porterfield’s biggest projects, it can help retailers find creative new ways to promote their business.

About Todd Taber

Todd is trends editor for Hardware Retailing magazine. He graduated from Indiana University where he majored in journalism and French. Throughout his career, he has aimed to highlight small businesses and their community value. He joined NRHA in 2017.

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