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10 Tips for Worldwide Success

It’s a bird, it’s a plane—it’s thousands of globe-trotting retailers in action!

March 1-4, 2020, thousands of retailers, manufacturers and home improvement channel partners will gather at the 2020 EISENWARENMESSE International Hardware Fair (IHF) in Cologne, Germany. For international attendees, it’s a chance to get a global glimpse of emerging products and compelling industry research that can help their businesses capture new sales and raise customer engagement.

Uncover 10 ways attending the 2020 EISENWARENMESSE International Hardware Fair this March in Cologne can help you bring new opportunities to your business.

1. Thousands of Exhibitors
When you attend IHF, you’ll be one of the first to see products from 2,700 vendors representing nearly 60 countries. No matter what product category you want to strengthen, visiting IHF is a great way to discover new hardware, outdoor living products and technology before your competitors.

bauhaus store2. Visit German Stores
While you’re abroad, stop by local home improvement stores to see how your international counterparts do business. Take the chance to gather world-class merchandising ideas and see European retail in action during your visit.


seminar3. Explore the dSummit
The 2020 IHF will focus on storage, logistics and e-commerce opportunities. At the dSummit, analyst Michael Atug will explain how e-commerce provides new opportunities for retailers to boost online sales while welcoming new customers.


4. International Networking Opportunities
When you visit, you’ll meet independent home improvement professionals just like yourself. You’ll get insight into how retailers are thinking globally and acting locally to institute new processes and products at their operations. The connections you make at IHF can bring new possibilities to your business year after year.

show floor5. Walk the Boulevard
New manufacturers will present their innovations to major manufacturing companies in hopes of securing a distribution deal on the DIY Boulevard. You can take a look at their innovative products and get a sneak peek at the gadgets and gizmos that are sure to capture your customers’ interest and set your operation apart.


6. Hardware’s Historic Heritage
IHF dates back more than 70 years, and with each year, the event has grown and adapted to meet retailers’ changing needs. When you visit IHF in 2020, you can browse historic memorabilia of the event’s past and see how it is delivering modern solutions.

people7. Meet Global Allies
IHF brings in visitors from almost 150 countries, so you can meet with the home improvement industry’s movers and shakers. Ask questions, start conversations and make new friends while you’re visiting.



8. Educational Sessions
There will be plenty of educational sessions devoted to exclusive industry research and emerging trends at the 2020 IHF event. Presented by a dynamic lineup of international home improvement analysts, each informational session will educate IHF attendees on shifting consumer preferences, new technological opportunities and the ways stocking an  innovative inventory can boost sales and gain new customers.

people looking at tools9. Go International
IHF occupies more than 1.7 million square feet in Koelnmesse, the convention center in Cologne. The event presents an overview of the retailers, manufacturers and partners who strengthen the international channel. Every space is distinct, giving visitors motivation to see as much as they can.


10. IHF Makes It Easy
IHF offers a full range of trade fair services to help guests get the most from their visit. From travel planning to entertainment and international shipping logistics, IHF wants guests to succeed on a major level.

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