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10 Ways to Use Hardware Retailing

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According to a recent readership survey, nearly 90 percent of readers say Hardware Retailing provides them valuable information to help them run their businesses. In addition to using the magazine for best practices advice and for scanning industry trends, we’ve compiled these 10 alternative ways to use Hardware Retailing when you and your employees have finished reading.

1. As a Disguise
Maybe you’re embarrassed to be flipping through SkyMall on the plane. Hide it behind an issue of Hardware Retailing, and you’ll look like a respected business owner while shopping to your heart’s content.

2. As a Sleep Aid
Need a nap on your lunch break? Stack a few issues of Hardware Retailing to a height that won’t strain the neck. The soft pages can provide hours of sweet slumber during the middle of the day.

3. As Pet Bedding
Sell out of those big fluffy dog beds? Run the entire magazine through the shredder along with your sensitive financial papers. It makes a nice bed for Fido.

4. As a Coloring Book
Turn to Dan Tratensek’s column, “Taking Care of Business,” and decorate his headshot however you’d like. With a little imagination, Dan can be wearing a different hat each month!

5. As an SOS
If you find yourself shipwrecked on an island with nothing but a copy of Hardware Retailing, don’t worry. First, take a few minutes to relax on the beach and read some ideas on how to improve your business. After you’re finished, use the magazine to start a fire so a nearby ship or plane can rescue you.

6. As an End Table
Hardware Retailing is printed 12 times a year, and has been since 1901, so there’s a good chance you have enough issues that you can stack up to build a sturdy table.

7. As a Way to Make Money
Next time you meet a Hardware Retailing staff member, have them sign a magazine. That will increase its value exponentially and you can take it straight to Sotheby’s. You just have to find a buyer.

8. As a Pinterest Project
Need some glossy, colorful paper for your next craft project? After you read Hardware Retailing, you have enough paper for multiple projects. Use it to make baskets, dresses, bracelets and more. You may even find the next niche for your business!

9. As a Fly Swatter
Kill flies, spiders and other bugs by rolling up the magazine and using brute force. Bonus: The glossy cover is easy to wipe clean.

10. As a Megaphone
Some people are known for being soft-spoken, so they need a little help to be heard. Hardware Retailing can help! Roll up the magazine. Put one end to your mouth and yell. Repeat as necessary.

About Lynnea Chom

Lynnea is the senior graphic designer for Hardware Retailing magazine, where she works on the layout and design of the magazine and other custom publications. She also does print design for NRHA’s marketing materials, programs and other in-house projects. Lynnea graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Graphic Design. She lives in her hometown of Greenwood, Indiana. During her free time, she enjoys designing, painting, reading and volunteering at her family-owned childcare facility.

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