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13 Ways to Maintain a Devoted Customer Base

There are two kinds of customers: existing and the ones you haven’t met yet. Right now, 20 percent of your existing customers make up 80 percent of your sales. There are many ways to use this devoted fan base to grow your business. By personalizing the way you communicate to this customer group you can change their shopping patterns and have them visiting your store more often. The effect will further increase this group’s purchases and overall sales in your store.

Keep Existing Customers Coming to Your Bricks and Mortar Store:

1. Keep your standards of store appearance high.

2. eBlasts monthly as a minimum.

3. Use data base marketing strategies.

4. Loyalty programs.

5. Hire people with great people and communication skills.

6. Train your staff how to sell.

7. Continue to make existing customers shopping experience memorable. Never take for granted. Always exceed expectations.

8. Monthly promotional events should be exciting and different. Remember it’s not always about a sale.

9. Make your business newsworthy.

10. Host a seminar or workshop.

11. Keep in touch and follow up.

12. Staff must be trained to deliver best product knowledge.

13. Offer free Wi-Fi in the store. Why send customers to the local coffee shop to refresh their mobile phones?

About Barbara Crowhurst

Barbara Crowhurst
Retail business coach Barbara Crowhurst is also a writer, international speaker and trainer. Her career has taken her from working with some of the largest corporate retailers in North America to consulting with thousands of independent retail specialty stores. Barbara’s company, Retail Makeover, is leading the way with services such as retail business coaching sessions, consulting with her clients by phone/Skype or in person.

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