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Daily Home Storage

3 Areas in Need of Daily Use Storage

Not all storage solutions are general purpose or meant to be shoved in a closet or garage only to be pulled out occasionally. There are many storage products meant to be used on a daily basis, making life more convenient, tidy and, in some instances, safer for the end user. 

While all areas of the home can be locations for daily-use storage items, some of the key spots include kitchens, entryways and bathrooms. These are typically areas where clutter can become a problem, or places where items should be stored in a safe manner. Below are just a few of the many products that can help consumers tackle those storage concerns.

The Entryway: Mail, keys, coats, shoes, umbrellas, you name it, the list can go on and on when it comes to the entryway of the home, and without a bit of organization, this area can quickly become an eyesore. Simple solutions such as combination mail and key holders, coat and umbrella stands, or a bench seat with storage like the Honey Can Do entryway bench can corral items needed when leaving the house.

The Kitchen: From pot racks to appliance caddies, cabinet pull-outs and more, the kitchen can hold a wide range of daily use organizational products. For some of the smaller things like forks and knives, products like the OXO Good Grips Large Expandable Utensil Organizer allows users to quickly and easily find the utensils they are looking for without digging around for them. And to keep the sink tidy, products like Simple Human’s Sink Caddy suctions to the side of the sink and holds sponges and scrubbers while preventing messy buildup on countertops.

The Bathroom: Getting ready in the morning and general use throughout the day can take a toll on bathrooms. With that toll comes the need for organization of health and beauty products as well as general care items that create a necessary clutter. Those items don’t have to be an unsightly mess. Under-the-sink pull outs for cleaning supplies, toilet roll holders with multiple roll capacity, combination caddies for toilet brushes and plungers are among the many storage solutions retailers can offer their customers. Additionally, specialty items like the Command™ hair dryer holder or the Hot Iron Holster from Holster Brands can save countertops from possible damage from hot hair care appliances, or prevent illness by storing and sterilizing toothbrushes like the Toothbrush Sterilizing Station by Puretta Design.   

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