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Award-Winning Holiday Gifts

As we enter the holiday season, customers will once again be looking for something new and memorable for the DIYers on their shopping lists. What better way to guide them than by suggesting award winning tools that home improvement retailers across the country have chosen as their favorites. Here are three tools that won Retailers’ Choice Awards at the 2019 National Hardware Show:

Re-Grip®: Many tools offer ergonomic soft grips for added comfort and diminished shock to hands and wrists. Unfortunately, this new feature can break down with wear and tear and regripping those tools can be expensive and complicated. The Re-Grip multi tool handle grip offers an easy solution. It can be installed on thousands of tools, levers, sporting goods, construction equipment and more. The all-purpose replacement grip is easy to install and is made from solvent-resistant, water-resistant, weather-resistant, heat-resistant and vibration-resistant material that is also antislip. re-grip.com

TurnPro Magnetic Finger: Losing a nail or screw in small spaces can be frustrating. Luckily, the Magnetic Finger is just the tool to help customers out of tight situations. The sleeve slides easily onto the index finger, giving users a strong magnet at their fingertips. The stretchy finger glove is available in sizes for both small and large hands, with different classifications for home, professional, and heavy industrial use. magneticfinger.com

Bionic Wrench™: This hybrid wrench from Loggerhead Tools is an adjustable wrench that is as easy to use as a pair of pliers. It allows users to attack a bolt or nut on all six sides, removing the stress and strain on the corners of the bolt. This coupled with the superior gripping action of the jaws, allows users to complete their work without the wrench slipping off and damaging the bolt. The design of the Bionic Wrench™ also multiplies users’ gripping force. loggerheadtools.com

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