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3 Holidays to Celebrate to Boost Traffic and Community Engagement

If you have a significant winter holiday product mix, you may see traffic pick up close to the end of the year during traditionally slower seasons. However, you don’t need to save the holiday cheer until the last quarter of the year. There are many holidays throughout the rest of the year that present unique selling opportunities or simply chances to show your support for your community. See some examples below and download a holiday social media graphics package to celebrate year-round.

Host a Halloween Block Party

Mazzone Ace’s Pumpkinfest started as just a few people carving pumpkins and has since transitioned into a block party that attracts the whole neighborhood. Discover how they got started.

Give Back on Memorial Day

Veterans’ graves don’t go unnoticed in Hankinson, North Dakota. The owners of Post’s Hardware Hank started stocking flowers and ornaments when they noticed a lack of options in their town.

Celebrate Independence

Bloomington Hardware accepts old American flags and gives a $5 credit toward the purchase of a new flag. The business then donates the used flags to the local American Legion for proper disposal. The program sees the most use around the Fourth of July, but it is available all year long.

Read more about holiday trends for 2020 and learn why you should start planning now.

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