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3 Landscaping Trends for 2022

Forbes shared 10 landscaping trends to try this year, and we have chosen three to help your customers update their outdoor spaces. Consider stocking these products to show customers you’re in tune with the latest trends and have the items they need as they take on landscaping projects this year.

Sustainability. The eco-friendly movement continues to rise; be a leader by providing a diverse selection of products for your customers. Compost bins are a good place to start and come in many shapes and sizes. D.F. Omer’s Garden Composter Bin Made from Recycled Plastic is a basic option that comes in 95-gallon and 110-gallon bin varieties. Vivosun’s Tumbling Composter Dual Rotating Batch Compost Bin provides efficient and effortless composting using hands-free rotating technology and dual chambers for a continuous fertilizer supply. Take a step further into sustainability products with rain barrels like RTS Home Accents’ Eco Flat Back Rain Barrel, which lowers customers’ water bills while helping the environment. 

Vertical gardening. When the horizontal space is filled, the only way to go is up. Smaller yards need an innovative approach to reach their gardening goals, and the options are endless. Gardener’s Supply Company’s Vigoroot 4-Tier Balcony Garden can stand on any patio, while its  3-Tier Vertical Wall Planter can be mounted on a fence or wall. 

Smart technology. Innovative technologies will always be at the forefront of trends, even in areas like landscaping. Products like X-CORE® Controller from Hunter Industries paired with their SOLAR SYNC® sensor saves water and work for consumers. Upgrade any electrical outlet with the Wyze Plug Outdoor and always bring the party with Sonos’ Move speaker.

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