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3 Outdoor Power Equipment Trends to Follow

Market research firm The Farnsworth Group has delved into the consumer trends shaping the outdoor power equipment marketplace. The firm recently completed a public industry study among more than 600 DIYers who had recently purchased or plan to purchase outdoor power equipment. Discover some of their key outdoor power equipment findings to help influence your inventory and ensure you’ve got the equipment DIYers are searching for.

  1. Handheld outdoor power equipment purchases are growing.

From 2016 to 2020, The Farnsworth Group has observed steady increases in the percentages of DIYers buying small format OPE products like hedge trimmers, chainsaws and pressure washers. This sales strength is driven primarily by millennials.

  1. The battery sales trend powers onward.

The latest data shows an increase in the purchase frequency of battery-powered outdoor power equipment among DIYers as sales for gas-powered options plateau. This trend is especially pronounced in trimmers and walk-behind mower sales, The Farnsworth Group notes.

  1. DIYers still have concerns about battery power.

Some of the biggest barriers to consumers purchasing battery-powered outdoor power equipment include battery lifespan, power and price. While these concerns still remain, the research shows they have diminished slightly over the years. Millennials are less concerned with these factors than Baby Boomer counterparts. These concerns do remain for some shoppers, and The Farnsworth Group recommends retailers research the market to communicate various product messages to interested customers.

Take a Deeper Dive

The October issue of High Performance Retailing explores The Farnsworth Group’s 2020 Retail Selector Study, giving retailers an unparalleled view of what’s motivating DIY shopping decisions. Discover more consumer insights from The Farnsworth Group now.

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