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3 Paint Applicator Trends to Follow

Whether a pro painter is selecting a brush for general use or a DIYer reaches for a specially tipped detail brush for a fine edge, paint customers are searching for upgraded selections across a variety of paint applicators. Independent retailers are great resources for customers when deciding on paint types, colors and styles, but paint applicators are also a vital area where retailers should be brimming with knowledge.

Take a look at these trends crafting the modern paint world.

Watch the Formulations

As paint continues to evolve, so do the applicators used to cover surfaces. General, multipurpose paintbrushes still have a role to play in the paint and sundries category, but the specific needs of different paint compositions are giving rise to specialty paint applicators.

The applicators are becoming more accessible, more specialized and overall better at picking up specific types of paint and applying it with more control. However, pairing the right type of applicator with the right kind of paint is the only way to take full advantage of these applicators. Whether the paint a customer is selecting is water-, oil- or latex-based, retailers should be ready with the right roller covers and brushes for the job.

Look for Specialty Rollers

Different surfaces accept paint differently, and that can affect what type of applicator a job requires. In roller covers, the applicator can also play a role in the final design. Whether the end user wants to paint a “popcorn” ceiling or they’re looking to paint a specific surface like wrought iron, roller covers can help painters remain in control of their paint while applying the desired level of paint saturation with each stroke.

Retailers with strong paint departments are prime candidates to be sounding boards for DIY customers who are looking for a unique result but don’t know the tools they’ll need. Having a variety of different brands and styles among roller covers, can help build a reputation for not just product selection but also project knowledge in a category that can be far too specialized for common DIYers to dive into.

Don’t Watch Paint Dry

One of the most rapidly advancing categories in paint applicators is storage. Paint storage in general is important for pro painters and DIYers alike, but the field is growing more diverse as products hit the market designed to make used applicators ready to be picked back up at a moment’s notice.

Bags that fit over a used brush head can keep a brush from drying out. Other options include buckets filled with a specialty solution that keeps brushes and rollers wet without mixing paint between applicators. These kinds of products can be unfamiliar among users not dedicated to following the painting industry, so make sure customers are made aware of these products’ amazing abilities.

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