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3 Steps for Launching a General Awareness Campaign

How do you communicate your uniqueness to your customers? The nugget of differentiation that defines your business should be the core of your next general awareness campaign.

A general awareness campaign isn’t tied to a sale or a product. Instead, it’s a chance to tell your company’s story.

Here are three components of a multichannel campaign, and three steps you can take to create your own. Each component can stand alone, but the campaign is stronger when they are deployed together to enhance your operation’s reach and share your core message to a larger audience. When you’re done reviewing these steps, click here to learn more about using digital marketing to reach consumers across generations.

Social Media
Creating video doesn’t need to a complicated process because most of your staff has the capability to record high-quality videos in their pocket.
1. Have a staff member record you talking about the services you provide.
2. Share the video on social media and your website so it’s the first thing visitors see when they land online.
3. Click here to learn more about how to use video to promote your business.

Print Media
Sending out circulars in your trading area is still a valuable way to market your operation.
1. Using the data you get from rewards program participants or your email marketing list, send out circulars to a targeted area.
2. Sort by ZIP code and send communications to residents who aren’t frequent shoppers is an easy way to capture this audience.
3. Click here for some guidelines on using print media to increase awareness.

Local Media
Local TV news and hometown newspaper reporters are always looking for a human interest story, and your business may fit the bill.
1. If you’re coming up on a significant company anniversary, invite the media to your celebration events well in advance to get some coverage.
2. When your employees complete a new training program, send out press releases to share the news
3. Click here to learn more about harnessing the power of local news.

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