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3 Visual Trends for 2022

Social Media Today shared eight emerging visual trends for 2022 with the help of Depositphotos. We chose three visual trends for you to consider when developing different aspects of your business like website design, social media, advertising, etc.

Go bold. With psychedelic and ’70s art coming back into style, use playful and bold motifs that will catch your customers’ eyes. Consider utilizing high contrast colors and abstract design.

Self-love. 2022 will focus on mental health and self-love. Use candid faces in your visual media and photography with authentic environments to create trust with your customers.

Captivate creatively. These days, it’s easy for customers to skim over your digital media, making new captivating formats important, especially for website design and social media. Consider adding videos, animations, sound effects, asymmetrical layouts, parallax scrolling or oversized typography to your website and social to make you stand out against your competitors.

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